Hundreds of reformers rally and attend a California Supreme Court hearing on 10/6/2015 to urge the court to allow Proposition 49, the Overturn Citizens United Act onto the 2016 ballot.  Over 111,000 petitions were then delivered to the court clerk.



Prop_49_rally_2.jpg Prop_49_petitons_1.jpg Prop_49_petitions_2.jpg



Michael Sullivan and Gordon Miller entertain the crowd at the Bernie Sanders for President Kickoff on 7/29/2015 at the Lafayette Library.



"Mourning in America" for Democracy - a march & rally on 5th Citizens United Anniversary - January 21, 2015

Watch a video of the march



More photos of "Mourning in America" march and rally



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On August 6, 2014 members of Money Out! People In! joined members from MoveOn, 99Rise, MoneyOutVotersIn, and other reform organizations after attending California Assembly Appropriations Committee hearing for the California DISCLOSE Act. 





On 22 April 2014, our coalition joined with members of Southern California-based Money Out Voters In (MOVI) to testify in Sacramento for passing SB1272 calling for amending the Constitution to repeal the Citizens United v. FEC decision.




Members of the coalition rallied against the Roberts court's McCutcheon decision on the day it was announced, April 2, 2014 (photos by Sally Weed):

The overall scene at the corner of Main & Mt. Diablo, downtown Walnut Creek...        


Sheilah Fish with a sign


Michael Sullivan singing...



Bob Nace from the Mount Diablo Peace & Justice Center at the rally (photo from MDPJC)...


Former Mount Diablo Peace & Justice Center Director Gary Dobson at the rally (photo from MDPJC)...


Money Out! People In! co-sponsored a panel discussion at Diablo Valley College with the ASDVC Student Body and Project Censored on March 13, 2014. The session was moderated by DVC Professor and Project Censored leader Mickey Huff. Featured speakers were Jay Costa from MapLight, Sam Park who is ASDVC President, DVC Professor Jeremy Cloward, and State Senator and congressional candidate Mark DeSaulnier.

Michael Sullivan distributes leaflets...                              Mickey Huff answering...

Michael_Sullivan_leafleting_at_DVDC.jpg        Mickey_Huff_explaining.jpg   
The panelists::  Jay Costa, Sam Park, Jeremy       Jay Costa explaims as Mickey Huff
Cloward, and Sen. DeSaulnier...                           looks on...
Panelists_Jay_Costa__Sam_Park__Jeremy_Clowe__and_Sen._Mark_DeSaulnier.jpg     Jay_Costa_speaking.jpg
Sen. DeSaulnier makes his                  Interested citizen during the              Interested student during the
presentation...                                   Q&A session...                                Q&A session...
Sen._DeSaulnier_making_his_presentation.jpg   Q_A_session.jpg   Interested_student_during_Q_A.jpg
Another photo of Jay Costa speaking...


Members of the Coalition participated in the global March Against Corruption on March 1, 2014. Our participants, including a still of Michael Sullivan's Connect the Dots, can be seen in this youtube clip:







We showed Bill Moyers' interview with Mark Leibovich, author of This Town, followed by a Skype feed Q and A session with Mark Leibovich on November 16, 2013...



These photos were taken at our general membership meeting at Pleasant Hill Co-Housing in January 2014...





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