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 Here's more proof that We the People want accountability from government


 65% of Americans support Public Campaign Financing.  (View polling results)

Source: Lake Partners Research


8 out of 9 Supreme Court Justices support campaign contribution disclosure.



84% of Californians support the California DISCLOSE Act.



More than 8 in 10 Americans in a poll by The Associated Press and the National Constitution Center support limits on the amount of money given to groups that are trying to influence U.S. elections.

Source: Associated Press poll


84% of voters lack confidence in corporations and want to limit what they can spend on elections.



16 states (including California) have called for an amendment to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010.



There are 6 bills in the U.S. Congress that would enact campaign finance disclosure or publicly financed elections.  None have been referred to floor votes as of yet.  All of the bills together have garnered a total of 217 co-sponsors.



There are 3 active disclosure bills in the California Legislature.  They have all been passed by a 2/3 majority in the Senate and are awaiting hearings in the Assembly.



There are 5 Joint Resolutions in the U.S. Congress that would create Constitutional Amendments to the effect that Money is NOT Speech and / Corporations are NOT Persons.  







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The legislation below was all introduced during the 2013 - 2014 or 2015 - 2016 California legislative session or the 113th or 114th Congress.  All those that were not enacted during their respective sessions have expired. 

California Legislation

  • SB 2 - California The Sunshine Act - Died in Assembly committee
  • SB 27 - Preventing Dark Money Contributions in  Future Campaigns - SIGNED INTO LAW
  • AB 700 - The California Disclose Act 
  • SB 254 - Create a ballot measure whereby the people of California can instruct its USs enators and congressional representatives to pass vote for an amendment stating that money is NOT speech and corporations are NOT persons
  • AB 990 - Bill to require increased disclosure and readability on political mailers - PASSED
  • SB 844 - Elections: Ballot Measure Contributions - SIGNED INTO LAW
  • SB 1253: The Ballot Measure Transparency Act- SIGNED INTO LAW
  • SB 1272: Create a ballot measure calling for amendment to the US Constitution overturning Citizen United PASSED, then the resulting Propositon 49 ORDERED REMOVED from the 2014 ballot by the California Supreme Court.
  • SB 254:  Identical to SB 1272.  Introduced into the Senate in March 2016 after the CA Supreme Court killed SB 1272.

U.S. Legislation

  • AJR 1 - Call for US Constitutional Convention under Article V - PASSED!
  • H.R. 20 - The Government By the People Act
  • H.R. 430 - The US DISCLOSE Act of 2015
  • S.229 - The DISCLOSE Act of 2015
  • S. 1538 - The Fair Elections Now Act of 2015
  • H.R 424 - The Empowering Citizens Act of 2015
  • HJR 48 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States providing that the rights extended by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons only.
  • HJR 31 - Proposing an amendment to the constitution of the United States that would limit campaign contributions to individuals or public funds and limit the amounts of contributions